Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Hospital Self-Assessment?
    The Hospital Self-Assessment (HSA) assesses an individual hospital’s conformity with the recommendations from the 2010 PPMI Summit (now known as the Practice Advancement Initiative or PAI). The HSA consists of 106 questions assessing adoption of the PAI recommendations at the hospital level.
  2. How were the HSA questions and the selected
    The HSA questions were developed from the 147 beliefs, assumptions, and recommendations from the 2010 PPMI Summit.
  3. How is data collected for the HSA
    The HSA is web-based and accessible to anyone who is interested in completing an assessment. The tool is designed to prepare reports and create individualized action plans.
  4. How often should a hospital complete an assessment
    The HSA can be completed at any time, but it is recommended that it be completed quarterly or annually depending on the degree of change in practice in order to measure progress in the hospital’s overall score.
  5. What happens to the data I provide? Is it kept confidential?
    All data will be kept confidential and only aggregated data will be reported.
  6. What happens if I change hospitals? Or if I want to provide information for more than one hospital
    The website allows users to submit data for multiple hospitals. If you change hospitals, simply select your new hospital from the hospital dropdown list.
  7. Who should I contact if I have questions about the website or if I want different types of comparison reports?
    If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to
  8. I created a personal assessment and I want it to be our official assessment. How do I change it

    A personal assessment is not counted as an official submission from your institution. However, if you created a personal assessment and would now like it to be considered an official assessment from your institution, you can convert it. Once you convert a personal assessment to an official assessment, you cannot change it back to personal. So you must be sure the change is appropriate.

    Once you're sure you want to make the change, log into your account and locate the assessment under "My Assessments" on the left hand side of the page. Click the "plus sign" to expand the options below the assessment and then click the radio button next to "Official" under "Assessment Type." To complete the change, click "update assessment" on the confirmation alert.

  9. How do I change the ownership of assessments for our institution

    If the person who originally created the assessment(s) for your institution is no longer with your institution or in charge of the Institution's HSA Assessment, you can ask that the assessments be transferred to your account. Just follow the steps below.

    Step 1. If the new owner doesn't already have a account, they should create one now. [ Create Account ]

    Step 2. Make sure you have the following information, your e-mail address, e-mail address of current assessment owner, e-mail address of new assessment owner, date(s) of assessment(s) to be transferred, institution name, institution city, and your phone number.

    Step 3. Submit request using this form (request form).